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It is our pleasure to welcome you as a guest to Hillcrest Country Club!

Our Mission

To continually develop the Hillcrest Community to provide an exceptional experience that will result in a strong and satisfied membership.

In order to make the most of your visit, please browse through the following information and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

  • Club History
      For over 75 years, Hillcrest has been creating memories and life-long friendships as a multi-generational community. Many of our members have raised their children at the club and are now watching their grandchildren enjoy the same camaraderie.

      Our tenure began in 1925 as the Idaho Country Club, becoming one of only two golf courses in the Treasure Valley. Most important for golf was Boise’s ideal climate. A mean temperature of 50 degrees insured players an all year golf city. The founders of the Idaho Country Club, Harry and John Eagleson, dreamed big with plans for this 18-hole golf course. Their plan for a world class club fell far short of their dream due to the pressure of the Great Depression.

      In 1935 a group of investors, led by attorney J.L. Eberle and realtor Ernest Day, purchased the property and created the Boise Country Club, which operated as a public facility until 1940 when Hillcrest Country Club became incorporated. By early 1960, the foundation of the modern Hillcrest Country Club was in place. Construction of the back nine had been completed, a swimming pool built, and the clubhouse had undergone considerable expansion and remodeling. Already recognized as a prestigious and elite club by those living in Southwest Idaho, during the 1960s and 1970s further facility improvements and a series of golf events hosted by Hillcrest Country Club placed it in the spotlight and helped create its reputation as one of the premier clubs in the Northwest to this day.

      No other club in Boise offers our blend of historical ambiance, recreational sports, delightful social events and exceptional service. Our myriad social events are designed to bring people together year-round, helping to make Hillcrest the center of our members’ social lives. Our 30-years association with the Korn Ferry Albertson’s Open has solidified the reputation of the course and its clubhouse as a world-class venue.

  • Dress Code
    • HCC has adopted the following dress code which our staff has been instructed to strictly enforce. This dress code is important to us and it is in place to ensure everyone’s enjoyment and overall experience at the Club.

      General Dress Code

      1. Management has the right to determine what is acceptable and appropriate attire.
      2. This dress code applies to all HCC members, their guests and children.
      3. Members are responsible for the attire of their guests and should communicate this dress code, as well as other applicable HCC rules and policies, to their guests before they arrive at the Club.
      4. All members, their guests and children shall be neat and wear appropriate attire at all times.
      5. Blue jeans in good repair may be worn in the clubhouse, but not on the golf course. Blue jeans may not be ripped, nor have holes or frays. Blue jean shorts are not allowed.
      6. Bathing suits are not allowed in any dining areas other than pool area.
      7. Where hats and visors are allowed, they shall not be worn backwards.

      The 19th Hole and 20th Hole Dress Code

      1. Members and guests may be attired in the dress of the activity in which they are participating; i.e. tennis, golf, or athletic / gym attire while in the informal dining area.
      2. Blue jeans are allowed.
      3. Hats or visors are allowed.

      Capital Dining / Courtyard / Main Bar Dress Code

      1. Members and guests may be attired in the dress of the activity in which they are participating; i.e. tennis (cover ups required), or golf attire while in the informal dining area.
      2. Blue jeans are allowed.
      3. Tennis or short-shorts are not allowed.
      4. Hats or visors are not allowed in Capitol Dining Room or Courtyard during dinner hours.

      Golf Course and Practice Facilities Dress Code

      Members should use common sense and have respect for tradition, modesty and the comfort level of fellow Members when making attire decisions. The following attire is allowed for the golf course and practice facilities:

      1. Current PGA and LPGA styles as well as golf shorts, consistent with those sold in the Hillcrest Golf Shop.
  • Cell Phone Policy
    • Cell phones should be on vibrate mode only. Your discretion and courtesy are requested when using your cell phone. If it is necessary to receive or place a call, it should be done out of the hearing of others, and not in any of the dining areas.

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Health and Wellness
  • Professionalism
  • Passion to grow our community